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The cost of owning a commercial dishwasher is more than just buying one…

It is not only the capital expense of the initial purchase, there is detergent, rinse aid and the additional cost of maintenance after the warranty period.

With Norris’ FIXED PRICE DISHWASHING, a fixed monthly fee allows you to plan cash flow and improve reliability.

HowNorris logo_BlendedFIXED PRICE Dishwashing* WORKS:

For a fixed monthly amount you will receive:

  1. A Norris Dishwasher
  2. All detergent and rinse aid as agreed
  3. Preventative maintenance service program – no more repair costs!       (24/7 breakdown program is available)

Fast approval and low upfront fees can have you with a reliable dishwashing program fast.

*Pricing is fixed within the terms of the agreement

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The Glassmate is a tough and reliable glasswasher, manufactured to operate under the most demanding conditions.

Fit with a cooling cycle designed to minimise the turnaround of glassware, this machine will prove to be reliable and dependable in the busiest of bar work areas.

Manufactured in Australia

Norris BT160GD

The BT160GD is designed to suit a small cafe that has a mixture of small plates and coffee cups to be thoughly cleaned.

This simplistic, two cycle machine is capable of cleaning 1200 glasses and 600 plates per hour due to the standard addition of the rapid recovery boiler unit.

Manufactured in Australia


The Cafemate is a compact underbench dishwasher with a useable height capable of taking care of 30cm plates.

Installation and superior cleaning is made easy with its standard pump out drain and detergent and rinse aid injectors.

Manufactured in Australia

Norris IM17

The IM17 commercial glass washer will significantly lower running costs due to its efficient design.

The technology in the IM17 leaves other imported machines with better performance and considerable energy savings.

European Manufactured


A compact commercial dishwasher suitable for use in residential or commercial locations when 10 amp power is the only option.

The Norris Bantam can plug straight into a regular 10 AMP power point and give you all the benefits of a commercial dishwasher.

European Manufactured

Norris IM5

A compact commercial dishwasher with a useable chamber height of 350mm.

With standard features of multiple cycles, built in chemical dispensers and a pump out drain system, this machine will prove to be a valued part of your business.

European Manufactured

Norris BT600

Always needed a Pass through dishwasher but never had the electrical power to support one?

The BT600 is just the machine you have been looking for, with a power requirement of only 15 AMPS, it is just a simple plug into the wall.

Manufactured in Australia

Norris BT700 MK1

With a specially designed wash system, the BT700 MK1 will not disappoint.

The ever reliable BT700 MK1 has an abundance of power under the hood to deal with the busiest of kitchens, delivering sparkling clean results every time.

The carried Wash Cycle selection will allow you to maximise your machine when time is of the essence.

Manufactured in Australia

Norris BT700/3

The BT700/3 is available in single or 3 phase power allowing greater flexibility for the electrical requirements of the building the machine will be installed into.

With the inclusion of a rinse pump, this machine will not be slowed by any water pressure issues, cleaning your dishes perfectly time after time.

Manufactured in Australia

Norris BT2000

The Norris BT2000 is a high performance machine that is designed to fit into today’s compact and busy kitchens.

The mechanically assisted hood will make easy lifting and faster reload times.
The 1000 watt wash pump moves even the hardest baked on food residue, reducing the need for double washing.

Manufactured in Australia

Norris IM20

Incorporating a number of techical features such as the smooth lifting hood, large pass through door entry of 400mm and a quick start option, the IM20 continues to perform in the busiest of enviroments.

European Manufactured

Norris IM7

With European technology,this machine has been designed for Australian conditions to be extremely user-friendly and a functional pass-through machine.

Being the little brother of the IM20, it is best suited for smaller establishments.

European Manufactured

Norris IM65

The IM65 commercial potwasher is designed to be ergonomically pleasing yet able to take care of the larger items found inside a commercial kitchen.

With a 600mm opening, it is ready to take on anything you are willing to throw at it.

European Manufactured

Norris IM85

The IM85 commercial potwasher – ergonomically designed with an 800mm opening.

Ready to take on your pots, pans, utensils and trays in your commercial kitchen.

European Manufactured

Norris IM1000

The IM1000 commercial potwasher is perfect for taking on even the biggest items in the commercial kitchen.

With its massive 1320 x 700mm baskets and 850mm high door opening, it is guaranteed to take on the biggest jobs with ease.

European Manufactured

Norris IR120 and IR200 Rack conveyors

These commercial rack conveyors are also available via the Norris FIXED PRICE Dishwashing package.

European Manufactured

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