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Pass Through Dishwasher


Pass through dishwashers from the major brands… Eswood, Hobart FE, Fagor, Norris, Washtech, Winterhalter and Zanussi.

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Pass throughs utilising Heat recovery

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your kitchen equipment including detergents and Chemicals

available in 5L, 15L and 20L

Commercial dishwasher detergents and chemicals

WS-UC 25 15 amp / UC 32 3 Phase Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-ESWOOD ES25 15 amp / ES32 3 Phase
Eswood SW900 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-ESWOOD SW900 Pass Through
WS-ES50 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-ESWOOD ES50 Pass Through
WS-Hobart EcoMax 602 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-HOBART EcoMax 602 15 Amp Pass Through
WS-AM900 Hobart Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-HOBART AM900 pass through
Eswood SW900 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-AMX VaporStop Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-hobart profi amx vaporstop Pass Through
WS-Hobart AMXT Double Chamber Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-HOBART AMXT Double Chamber Pass Through
WS-M2 Washtech Pass Through Dishwasher
WS-Washtech m2 pass through
Washtech M1 Pass Through Dishwasher
WS- Pass Through
WS-HOBART AMXT Double Chamber Pass Through

Zanussi WS-NHT8 Pass through

Winterhalter PT Series Pass through dishwasher

3 sizes – Medium / Large & Extra Large

Chamber height – 440mm

Variable washing pressure – coordinated for dish type and degree of soiling
Full coverage washing
Wash water is clean at all times

Depending on the wash items, available space and individual needs, a choice can be made from the machine models PT-M, PT-L, PT-XL and PT-500.

The PT Series machines offer many features and options and can be optimally adapted to your requirements.

Zanussi WS-NHT8 Pass through dishwasher

3 cycles – 45, 84 & 150 second – High productivity mode
Chamber height – 400mm
Ext Dimensions: 667w x 755d x 1549h mm – 3 phase power
High Performance pass through model

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