WS-AMXT Double width pass through

//WS-AMXT Double width pass through


WS-AMXT Electronic “Double Width” hood type dishwasher / Multi purpose washer…

Double wide wash chamber can cover even bigger containers, etc.

Included Racks: – Standard – 1 x flat / 4 x Plate
Ready to install: incl. fill and drain hoses, power cord, non-return valve
Completely equipped with rinse pressure pump, drain pump and chemical dispenser
Fine Filter System GENIUS-X²: advanced filter system with pre-wash function reduces detergent consumption by up to 30%
Single-button Control SMARTRONIC: with colour-coded status indication and remaining cycle time
Hood Design EASY-LIFT: 50% less effort is needed to open the hood – a real benefit for the operator
Hood Concept E-STORE with fully enclosed 4-sided hood keeps the steam and also the energy inside the system: energy saving up to 3 kW/h. Less humidity in the kitchen area and better hygienic conditions
Insulated hood reduces noise and heat loss up to 50%
Rinse System ACCURINSE: guarantees a constant 5 l rinse, independent of on-site pressure. Saves up to 30% water, energy and chemicals.
Wide Angle Nozzles FAN are precise and efficient: wash water is distributed evenly around the wash chamber
HYGIENE Machine Care Programme and Chemical Tablets INTENSIVE: remove calcium carbonate and other deposits from tank wall
Water Softening System NON-STOP (optional): regenerates simultaneously to the wash cycle without interrupting the cycle duration
Heat Recovery E-SAVE (optional) transfers waste energy from the hot drain water into the cold fresh-water via an integral heat exchanger. Saves up to 13 kW


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